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If you get caught driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, you’ll:

  • lose your licence
  • need to complete a compulsory Behaviour Change Program and
  • have to get an alcohol interlock installed.

AddEducation (Accredited VicRoads Provider) is a Department of Transport Services Accredited Drink/Drug-Driver Behavior Change Agency operating in the field for more than 20 years.

Behavior Change Program

The Behaviour Change Program (BCP) is compulsory from 30 April 2018. The program is now a requirement for any one who’s committed either a drink, drug or combined drink and drug driving offence.

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Drink Driving Program

Drug Driving Program


The program enables participants to develop an action plan to assist them to not drink and or drug drive again. The program also provides referral support for those who have alcohol or drug use concerns. The program is held over two sessions or four sessions, according to the offence you have committed.
If you’ve committed a drink-driving offence and you’re a participant in the Intensive Drink and Drug Driver Program, you’ll also need to complete a 2-hour Pre-Interlock Removal Program before you can have your alcohol Interlock removed.


If you have received an Interlock Condition, then you will be required to complete the amount of months that you have been given on your Licence Eligibility Order from VicRoads and/or the Magistrate.