About Us


AddEducation’s mission is to bring about attitudinal change and add quality education to our community. Our goals include developing our workforce, improving the quality and safety of our service, developing and encouraging strategic relationships, fostering a culture of research and innovations and building a sustainable organisation.
We believe this will help us in securing the health of our communities through research and innovation in order to deliver effective services and educating future generations.


  • Respect for the dignity, beliefs and abilities of every individual
  • Caring and Compassion
  • Integrity by being open honest and fair
  • Unity as a team and in embracing our communities
  • Discovery through passion for innovation

AddEducation (Accredited VicRoads Provider) is a Department of Transport Services. AddEducation is a subsidiary business of Trauma Centre of Australia. For more information in regards to the services that the Trauma Centre of Australia provides,  Please click here.


AddEducation’s primary service is providing support and counselling, as well as a range of Alcohol and Drug Education programmes by fully qualified facilitators/ accessors and counsellors which have a range of services including:

  • Alcohol, drug, gambling and addiction issues
  • Grief, trauma, accidents, and victims of crime issues
  • Marital, relationship and family issues
  • Career, work, financial and legal issues
  • Emotional, physical and sexual abuse
  • Anxiety, depression and stress issues, and
  • Conflict management and other issues

At AddEducation, our Professional Accredited Drink/Drug-Driver Education Facilitaors, Assessors and Counsellors have developed a range of services to help you get your licence back.